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Our on-demand knowledge platform enables you to provide your people with the information and skills they need to do their jobs whenever and where ever they need it.

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Unleash the power of AI: Effortlessly Resolve Every Employee Question

Not having the information and knowledge on hand when an employee needs it creates lost time and hits productivity hard. That's why introducing our AI, Eve to your teams is an absolute game-changer.

Eve is your organisation's AI Brain. Eve learns from your organisation's documentation as well as information on the Reelyze platform, delivering on-demand knowledge to your people.

With Eve in your people's pockets, you not only preserve valuable business IP but also supercharge performance by delivering answers right when your people need them. Rest assured, Eve generates responses solely from your organisation's data, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Get an instant return on investment as Eve empowers your workforce to get their jobs done efficiently - we also automatically calculate your ROI so you don't have to!

What happens if Eve can't answer a question?

Eve taps into the collective genius of your people

Eve is an amazingly powerful AI but can only generate responses from the information connected to or stored on Reelyze. If there isn't the information it means there's a knowledge gap in your organisation. To solve this Eve automatically engages with the relevant people to ask for an answer and fillling the gap. Answers are then available the next time a similar question is asked.

Subject Matter Experts

All answers from your people can be verified by subject matter experts to ensure questions are always answered accurately.

Identify Gaps

When skills gaps are uncovered, Eve automatically lets you know. Gaps are prioritised so you know which answers need to be created first and fastest to ensure productivity.

Knowledge sharing

Unlock the know-how and communicate key information

We're bringing how we consume content and learn skills at home to the world of work, all from a mobile phone in everyones' pocket.

Our short form videos (aka Reels) are ideal for organisations to share new products, processes or tasks that need to be learnt. They are also perfect to capture the Tacit and Experiential knowledge (know-how) that is locked in employees heads, walks out the door when they leave and is fundamental to productivity and getting new starters up to speed.

Reels are super fast to create, simple to share and can be viewed in moments.

Every Reel is learnt by Eve and can be used to answer any question.

short videos have the highest engagement rates
of people prefer to learn a new skill via video
Learning & Training

Turning knowledge into learning in an instant

The final piece of the puzzle is turning all that knowledge captured from the organisation (we call this your knowledge pool) into engaging courses to solve a training or learning requirement.

This is not e-learning this is 'Conversational Learning' a world first new format available only in Reelyze. In minutes you can program Eve to teach like a peer through conversations. Eve can be generated as an AI avatar replicating F2F interactions and becoming a virtual coach available 24/7 365.

Eve can benchmark, route, test, and check learner confidence training your people in a way no other platform on the market can.

Creating engaging experiences is lightning-fast using your existing knowledge pool. Programming is a cinch with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface - its so easy anyone can create a course freeing up L&D and enabling democratisation of content creation.

Knowledge Pool

An ever growing pool of business knowledge

Your knowledge pool in Reelyze encompasses all your documents, reels, knowledge requests, and courses. Our AI, Eve, assimilates every piece of information to promptly deliver relevant content in response to any employee question. With Eve's assistance, your team gains instant access to the information they need, empowering them to make informed decisions and find solutions quickly.

A must have set of tools...

Aside from the platforms core knowledge an learning capabilites you'll also have access to powerful feedback, pulse, recognition, collaboration, and social engagement tools. It's the missing piece in your learning puzzle, fitting perfectly alongside traditional LMS and LXP systems delivering what they can't.

Social Learning

Our social engine encourages
collaborative learning and


Create surveys in minutes and engage with your entire organisation in seconds


Need some instant feedback? Run a poll and get answers back fast


From new courses to important company announcements get your news into the hands of your people


Distribute knowledge to the right people. Collaborate and communicate.


Build a culture of gratification, improve engagement and productivity

Goals and Values

Ensure everyone is aligned on your organisation's goals and brand values


A support system for MHFAs and employees, CPD accredited training and a range of wellbeing content


Find out how happy people are or whether they are missing skills needed to do their jobs

We've integrated with all the best HR platforms

Setting up your organisation on Reelyze is a piece of cake! With just a couple of clicks, all of the tedious work is taken care of - that's the power of Reelyze's integration magic!

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“The biggest innovation in learning in the last 20 years”

The platform and team are absolutely brilliant. Conversational learning is a real game changer for us enabling GRETB to approach learning in a completely new, mobile first way for our students that reflects how they want to learn.

Aoife Fitzsimmons
TEL Co-ordinator

“Great team, Great platform”

We chose Reelyze for the platforms extensive capability and value. Onboarding was really easy, support have been fantastic and the results have been brilliant. We couldn't be happier.

Jo Rooke
Comms & Engagement Manager

“Our employees Really enjoyed using Reelyze”

We recieved fantastic feedback from our employees who completed learning using Reelyze with 91% reccomending both the courses and the learning format. We are looking forward to further implementing the platform to help us improve our manufacturing process and performance in line with LEAN methodology.

David Will
Human Resoures Director

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