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We help desk-less organisations unlock and share the collective expertise and 'know-how' of their workforce to accelerate onboarding, slash training costs and boost productivity.

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Introducing Reels and Eve, Your Virtual Learning Assistant

We're changing the game when it comes to creating and sharing knowledge in the workplace and all from a mobile phone in everyones' pocket.

Our short form videos (aka Reels) are ideal for learning - they're speedy to create, easy to share and can be viewed in moments. Perfect for educating on new skills, and they're always accessible to replay and refresh understanding.

Have a more complex training requirement? Meet Eve, your virtual learning assistant. Program her in minutes to converse & teach like a peer. She'll benchmark, route, test, coach, and check learners' confidence on their new knowledge.

All this is wrapped in a powerful social engine built to support a culture of collaborative learning and distribute knowledge at scale.

Avg. completion rate
on conversational learning
of people prefer to learn a new skill via video

Capture and store knowledge & skills

Create an ever-growing pool of employee generated know-how reduce back fill and trainer costs, upskill and onboard at scale.

Grow your knowledge pool

As you digitise your people's knowledge through reels and courses you create an ever growing, easily searchable pool to answer any question and learn new skills fast.

Identify gaps

Your virtual learning assistant, Eve uncovers skills gaps automatically and lets you know what training is missing and stopping someone from doing their job.

A must have set of tools...

Reelyze takes learning to the next level. Aside from a unique knowledge-sharing environment and 24/7 virtual learning assistant, you'll also have access to powerful feedback, pulse, recognition, collaboration, and social engagement tools. It's the missing piece in your learning puzzle, fitting perfectly alongside traditional LMS and LXP systems delivering what they can't.

Social Learning

Our social engine encourages
collaborative learning and


Create surveys in minutes and engage with your entire organisation in seconds


Need some instant feedback? Run a poll and get answers back fast


From new courses to important company announcements get your news into the hands of your people


Distribute knowledge to the right people. Collaborate and communicate.


Build a culture of gratification, improve engagement and productivity

Goals and Values

Ensure everyone is aligned on your organisation's goals and brand values


A support system for MHFAs and employees, CPD accredited training and a range of wellbeing content


Find out how happy people are or whether they are missing skills needed to do their jobs

We've integrated with all the best HR platforms

Setting up your team on Reelyze is a piece of cake! With just a couple of clicks, all of the tedious work is taken care of - that's the power of Reelyze's integration magic!

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Stop losing knowledge and skills in your organisation

It's hard to keep people from leaving, but don't let their knowledge leave with them! Use Reelyze to capture their 'know-how' and make sure everyone can find the answers they need - even after those employees have moved on.

“The biggest innovation in learning in the last 20 years”

The platform and team are absolutely brilliant. Conversational learning is a real game changer for us enabling GRETB to approach learning in a completely new, mobile first way for our students that reflects how they want to learn.

Aoife Fitzsimmons
TEL Co-ordinator

“Great team, Great platform”

We chose Reelyze for the platforms extensive capability and value. Onboarding was really easy, support have been fantastic and the results have been brilliant. We couldn't be happier.

Jo Rooke
Comms & Engagement Manager

“Our employees Really enjoyed using Reelyze”

We recieved fantastic feedback from our employees who completed learning using Reelyze with 91% reccomending both the courses and the learning format. We are looking forward to further implementing the platform to help us improve our manufacturing process and performance in line with LEAN methodology.

David Will
Human Resoures Director

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